新視野大學英語第三版讀寫教程1課后答案1-7單元期末復習資料 - 下載本文

and martial arts, and it has developed into a sport with unique features. As a unique sport in China, Tai Chi is also gaining increasing popularity among many foreign friends.

Unit 5 B 選詞填空

1.The work of the sales team was absolutely___critical___ to the success of the new toy company.

2. The general fought many hard battles and won countless medals, but he remains__humble__ .

3.Our English teacher always asked us to __underline___new words and phrases in the text.

4. I think it is great that you have found someone with whom you can share__mutual__ understanding and love.

5. They promised to make every effort to __accomplish__the task in time. I think we should trust them.

6. When you go to a new country, you need to__adapt__ to the new manners and customs.

7. At the meeting, he __emphasized__three important elements, namely, trade, human resources, and capital investment.

8. When children___overcome___ difficulties on their own, they develop new skills and a strong belief in their abilities.

9. A friend of mine has decided to give up his well-paid job because the position is too___demanding_ and he has no time for his family.

10. It takes a(n) ___considerable __amount of time and energy to achieve proficiency (精通) in a foreign language. 2.介詞填空 空

Unite 6

1. 選詞填空

Controversial引起爭論的,有爭議的 assess評價,評定 resolve解決,下定決心 decrease減少 alter使變化 abandon放棄,拋棄 indicate表明,指示 undermine逐漸削弱,逐漸損害 compromise危及,損害。妥協和解 conventional常例的,傳統的 1. Studies (indicate) that children who often take part in cooperative programs benefit a lot more than other children.

2. They are such a(n) (conventional) family — they must have been shocked when their son dyed (染) his hair pink.

3. Testing students by examinations has long been regarded as a reliable way to (assess) students' ability.

4. Many power stations have been modernized to give off less pollution, or they were moved further away from the living areas in order to


(decrease) the damage.

5. Unemployment has come down slightly, but this does not (alter) the fact that it is still a major problem.

6. Mr. Smith is not doing well; the doctor told us that several colds (has undermined) his health.

7. The best way to deal with problems at home is to talk things out calmly and honestly and try to reach a(n) (compromise) .

8. Darwin's theory of evolution remains (controversial) partly because it challenges the religious belief that God created man.

9. It was reported the president had (resolved) to fight if war was necessary, even if it meant destroying his chances of re-election.

10. I had to (abandon) one of my email accounts as it was filled with junk mail.

2. 15選10

Withdraw撤走拿走 reliable可靠的,可信賴的 Committing保證,承諾 decline下降,辭謝,謝絕 Opportunity機會 contrasting對比對照 Interfering干預妨礙 schedules安排,時刻表進度表 Consistent一致的,連續的 burning燃燒的發熱的 Decrease減少,減小 flexible靈活的,易彎曲的 Compromising妥協,退讓 generate形成,造成,產生 Circumstance環境,境遇

Nowadays college education cost is rising sharply. More and more college students have to work in order to (1)(generate) income to support themselves. But how can you prevent working from (2)(interfering)with your study? Firstly, plan your class and work (3)(schedules) as far ahead as possible. Arrange your classes in a way so that you have one or two days for work. Secondly, use time well instead of (4)(burning) the midnight oil. Studying late until midnight may make you tired and take a(n) (5)(consistent) toll on your health. Use those 10 minutes waiting for the bus to read a few more pages. If your job has a lot of downtime (自由支配時間), use the (6)(opportunity) to do school assignments. Never try to cut corners by copying assignments from other students. Thirdly, set a goal for your academic performance. You'll probably have to (7)(decrease) your work hours, or even, if possible and necessary, (8)(withdraw) from the workforce to be successful in study. After all, it is not a good idea to risk (9)(compromising) your student career with part-time jobs. Fourthly, inform all your professors, teaching assistants and employers about your situation so that they can be (10)(flexible) as well. Winning their support is the best way to keep them on your side.

3. 選詞組

take a toll on對···產生不良影響


in other words換言之,換句話說

drop out退出,脫離輟學 in turn相應地,依次地 at risk (of)處境危險,受到威脅 interfere with妨礙阻止 be accustomed to習慣 contribute to促成,造成 cut back on削減,縮減 hold on to繼續感到,仍然相信 1. The new government has committed to (cutting back on) emissions of greenhouse gases.

2. My parents do not object to my taking part-time jobs, but they remind me not to let them (interfere with) my school work.

3. Anger, worry, disappointment, these negative emotions (take a toll on) your heart, brain and body.

4. If a person adopts an unhealthy lifestyle, he will surely be (at risk of) developing diseases.

5. Most people were ready to give up on him when he (dropped out) of school, but later he returned and earned his degree.

6. Drinking too much can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, which (in turn) can lead to heart attack or stroke.

7. Low-cost airlines are emerging all over Asia; this will (contribute to) the development of the world's air-travel market as a whole.

8. When you move to a new country, you may find the food there strange and you may miss the familiar smells of the food you (are accustomed to) in your own country.

9. Although he kept trying and failing, I always (held on to) the belief that he would succeed one day.

10. The tax only affects people with an annual income over $200,000 — (in other words) , it will only affect the very rich.

4. 漢譯英

改革開放以來,中國的教育事業得到了快速發展,取得了引人矚目的成就。中國政府把教育擺在優先發展的地位,堅持科教興國(revitalize the country),全面提倡素質教育 (quality-oriented education)。同時,積極推進教育公平,保障人人有受教育的機會。中國的教育成就反映在兩個不同的層面:一個是全面普及了九年義務教育(nine-year compulsory education),另一個是實現了高等教育大眾化(mass higher education)。教育的發展為中國的經濟發展和社會進步作出了重大貢獻。近年來,為適應社會、經濟發展的需要,中國政府不斷加快培養各領域的急需人才。

Since its economic reform and opening-up to the world, China's education has gone through rapid development and made remarkable achievements. The Chinese government gives top priority to the development of education, persists in revitalizing the country by science and education, and fully advocates quality-oriented education. Meanwhile, it actively promotes equality in education to guarantee everyone access to education. China's achievements in education can be reflected in two different layers:


One is the popularization of the nine-year compulsory education; the other is the realization of mass higher education. The development of education has made significant contributions to China's economic development and social progress. In recent years, to satisfy the needs of social and economic development, the Chinese government has sped up the training of qualified personnel urgently needed in various fields.

Unit 6 B 選詞填空

1. The program aims to meet the needs of different students. It provides courses for both beginners and __advanced__students.

2. The shock was __tremendous___when she was found out to have a tumor, and even more so when doctors suggested that it was life-threatening. 3. He denies the university's__claim_ that he cheated in two tests through having knowledge of the questions in advance.

4. You'd have to____ensure__ the unbearable pain while the doctors are on their way to your help.

5. To __relieve___stress, she turned to painting, an activity she has loved since childhood.

6. All roadwork during rush hours should be stopped to__endure __ the smooth flow of traffic.

7. In selecting applicants for jobs, they give preference to those who have worked in the __relevant__field for no less than two years.

8. Having studied your report carefully, I am__convinced___ that your solution is much better than mine.

9. When giving a lecture, Frank often prepared some pictures to _illustrate__how a situation mentioned in the text took place.

10. A report released last week by the United Nations shows that the unemployment rate in this country has _soar_from about 3% to 6.5%.

Unit7 A


1. If you promise you won't__reveal__ my name, I will tell you the true story.

2. Are you__implying_ that I am the one to blame? I didn't do anything wrong!

3. While advertisements do not necessarily present __accurate __information, they do make people aware of the availability of products that could improve their lives.

4. He___exaggerated___the dangers of the trip to the mountain in order to frighten the children out of going.

5. You have to __eliminate__all the mistakes from the essay before you hand it in.

6. The new policy was expected to__facilitate_ the development of trade b


etween the two cities.

7. She was __frustrated __by her failure in applying for the post she had long dreamed of.

8. In most cultures it is not__appropriate__ for one to wear a red dress or suit at a funeral.

9. He suddenly became __conscious__that he was the only person who wasn't dressed formally at the reception.

10. To __launch __this new product into the European market, the company gave away 10,000 free samples to the local consumers to try. 2.十五選十 Unit 7

Plagiarizing, copying a peer's test answers, and buying essays online are all ways in which college students cheat. According to a survey, nearly 80% of the students interviewed 1) cheating at some point during their educational 2) . The consequences are severe (嚴重的), ranging from a failing grade to being 3) from college.

But why do students cheat? In college, the 4) to do well is very high. Students know that without 5) grades, their potential for success at school would be limited, so they sometimes copy their peers' answers in the exam. Besides, with today's technology, there is more information 6) online than ever before. Students don't have to 7) the Internet long to find essays for sale.

These are just some of the reasons why college students might cheat. Although colleges do everything to 8) cheating, it still goes on. And cheating becomes more 9) in some schools. But students should think about the consequences they will 10) . They should stop and think about how happy and proud they will be when they earn a good grade in an honest way.

3.選詞組 空

Unit 7 B 選詞填空

1.A big problem __encountered __by most freshmen is that they feel sick about being away from home.

2. Jane is a talented language learner. She could __ switch_easily from French to English.

3. As a customer service manager, you need to get used to listening to __complaints__from customers.

4. Many people kindly__volunteered __ to help us build a shelter for the homeless.

5. Students who do badly in school tests tend to__perceive_ themselves to be failures.

6. Some very old traditions still__prevail __in the mountain villages due t


o lack of communication with the outside world.

7. These young students have just graduated from college and they are __ignorant_of the realities of the modern commercial (商業的) world.

8. Due to the government's___prompt__ response to the crisis, the country's economy has not suffered great losses.

9.. Parents put a lot of pressure on their children to get good grades. Some parents promise to give rewards for good grades and _threaten__to punish for bad ones.

10., The people who were surveyed in the study had been chosen _Randomly_so that the result would be convincing. 2.介詞填空 空


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